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Oberyn Martell is a surface human and one of the main protagonists of the The End of Days. A suave and wealthy lord of the Jungle's Tip, Oberyn's influence is felt mainly by his opponents.



Oberyn Martell was born in the Jungle, living in the royal house of Martell. The family had amassed quite a following since their ancestor Casper aided in the defeat of Yuri, and Oberyn could still feel the presence of his ancestor every day walking the great palace of the Jungle's Tip.

In his younger years it is known that he had many woman and many bastard children, some of whom still serve their king.

Season 4[]

Oberyn's debut comes in Season 4 when he meets Melany and Jess at the Jungles Tip after they come looking for him. He is shown to be generally flirty with the two, constantly making remarks on their appearances. He finds interest in them and invites them for a feast.

During the feast, Oberyn takes Jess away momentarily to have sex. He returns afterwards, apologizing for the delay, before continuing the dinner. When the feast is over, Oberyn begins to flirt with Melany, finding her much more itneresting than Jess.

It doesn't take him long to whisk her away to his quarters, before they go for two rounds. Afterwards, Oberyn bids her goodnight, and goes to sleep. When Melany goes to check on him later on, Oberyn can be heard talking in his sleep, wondering if Jess and Melany would sleep with him at the same time.


Oberyn is a man of average height, built lean. He has straight brown hair styled, along with brown eyes.


Pyromancy: Oberyn is shown to be a skilled fire mage, able to conjure flames, shown when he bounced a fireball up and down with his palms without being burnt.

Killed Victims[]

  • Numerous counts of Jungle monsters


Melany Ortiz

Oberyn has a very sexual and love relationship with Melany, whom he deems very attractive and interesting.


  • Oberyn is based off of Walking Dead character Daryl Dixon.
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